Archer has not had the best life :( He found himself in a rescue (not sure what put him there) who placed him in boarding where he just sat... then he went into a prison program and didn't do well with the noise & chaos... they then decided he needed to find a new place to go or they were going to euthanize him... someone very close to Archer who worked with him every chance he got,found what he thought was the perfect place for Archer... and Archer sat there for over two years, living outside with little to no socialization, being deemed aggressive by the new "rescue" owner... when that "rescue" was ordered to downsize, we were contacted and agreed to take Archer...

Archer has trust issues... new people scare him and he views them as a threat... he has barrier aggression... but when you get past all of that, he is the sweetest, most affectionate and playful 7-year old you will ever meet 

Archer loves those near to him with his whole heart but trusting is hard for him so we will never put him in a situation where he needs to feel threatened... he will remain with us and be allowed to be him