Working towards a brighter future for Pit Bulls by rescuing them from shelters & dangerous/unhealthy situations & placing them in approved foster homes where they get the socialization, vetting & training needed to ensure successful adoptive home placement. We will also educate the public in regards to true temperament of the Pit Bull types & the owners’ responsibilities to their furry family members to keep them properly socialized and trained, providing referrals & advice when needed in hopes of changing the perception of our beloved Pit Bulls.

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Lady is approximately 6 years of age and had severe Heartworms when we got her... she underwent fast-kill treatment once the pups were weaned and tested negative 6 months later. She is protective of those close to her and fearful of loud, boisterous males.

Chance is sweet and loves chew bones and tennis balls but tennis balls tend to find themselves in pieces rather than returned for a game of fetch! He has some seasonal allergies and separation anxieties.

Constantine loves to play a good game of fetch and will bring the ball back to you until you are done playing... she also loves to cuddle and sleep in bed with you... she has some separation anxieties as well but hers are minor.

We would like to try to keep at least Chance & Constantine together for their fostering... We have not had a chance to evaluate them yet but will be doing so very soon. Until then, we do not know how they will be with other dogs, cats, small children. We will post updates on those evals as soon as they take place... Until then, please start to share them as we have just a little over a month until they have no home