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Knick Knack Pittie Pack - Pups Of The Week

You can't have peanut butter without jelly, Tom Sawyer without Huck Finn, Laverne without Shirley or Batman without Robin! So it would be silly to think you could have Calvin without Boomer!!

Best friends Calvin and Boomer come from the mountains of Pennsylvania. Like many of the dogs within KKPP rescue, they have experienced a rough past and if they could talk and tell us their story we are certain our hearts would break. We are firm believers in the phrase " it's the end that matters", and we can stand true to our promise to make the rest of their lives SPECTACULAR.

Calvin is a sweet, gentle pup who enjoys a good petting, but also likes his personal space. Calvin can be nervous without his sidekick Boomer, so they are a bonded pair.

Boomer is a more outgoing soul and is always up for some petting and lovins. Boomer does enjoy the company of his best bud Calvin, and finds comfort in his support.

Both boys enjoy treat time and are huge fans of their peanut butter filled Kongs. An ideal home for these two bachelors would be a pet free home with a fenced in yard where these two can run and play each and every day. Due to Calvins timidness a home with teenage children would be ideal. If you have room in your heart & home for these amazing souls please fill out an application on our website. We promise the love from one dog is amazing, but the love from two dogs is a dream come true!!


Rescheduled date: February 23 ( 4-6 PM )

Rescheduled date: February 23 ( 4-6 PM )