Working towards a brighter future for Pit Bulls by rescuing them from shelters & dangerous/unhealthy situations & placing them in approved foster homes where they get the socialization, vetting & training needed to ensure successful adoptive home placement. We will also educate the public in regards to true temperament of the Pit Bull types & the owners’ responsibilities to their furry family members to keep them properly socialized and trained, providing referrals & advice when needed in hopes of changing the perception of our beloved Pit Bulls.

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It's time for Joe Corbi's!!! We will be taking orders until June 2nd and money must be paid when order is placed. Pick-up date will be announced once we have it but is usually with 10-12 days of main order going in (June 2nd). If you would like an order form to take orders, please let us know. You will be responsible for picking up all items from your order form and getting them delivered. We normally do VERY well with this fundraiser and Joe Corbi's is offering us an ADDITIONAL 50 cents per item this time around!!!