Knick Knack Pittie Pack was started to honor & celebrate the "pit bull" type dogs--the AmStaffs, the American Pit Bull Terriers & the Staffordshire Bull Terriers by rescuing & safely & responsibly rehoming unwanted shelter & death-row pitties. (However, a dog in need is a dog in need...we will not discriminate against any breed). Our first rescue was a local rescue in April of 2009--Kira--a beautiful AmStaff girl who changed our lives forever. We added to our "pack" in February of 2011 when we rescued Skippy, our blue & white APBT from Manhattan's euth list. They are both truly amazing & the inspiration behind Knick Knack Pittie Pack. Our goal is to work with wonderful fosters to pull pitties from shelters & desperate situations & give them a second chance. We truly believe in these breeds & know firsthand how wonderfully amazing, loyal & loving they are. Please help us help the pitties--if we all work together, we can and WILL help put an end to BSL & the discrimination against these dogs--America's dogs, the first nanny dogs--the "pit bull" type dogs.