Meet Flora!

Meet sweet Flora <3 This gal is about 6 years old and is hoping to find her perfect forever home in time for the Holidays this year... she has been waiting for a year and thinks it's time... we can't figure out why she is still in foster care because she is THAT amazing!!

Flora wishes for a home where she is the only pet... she would also like a fenced-in yard (because she has a very high prey drive)... she is a very low-maintenance gal who loves to lay near her people, taking a nap or chewing on a pig ear... she LOVES the sunshine!!

Flora is very respectful of people of all sizes... she doesn't beg for food so she will not bother you while you are eating... she will jump on the couch to give you the "I think you need to love on me" look but will not over do it... she is just happy knowing you are nearby...

She can be left out while you are gone... she doesn't chew what isn't hers and she doesn't potty in the house... she is just an all-around great girl <3

Please share Flora with your family & friends and help us find her forever family in time for Christmas... that's really what she wants

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