Meet Knajj

This sweet older gal is Knajj at 10 years old but don't let her age fool you! Knajj is looking for her perfect forever home and it shouldn't be hard to find because this girl is pretty laid-back! She doesn't seem to mind kitties and does well with low-key dogs after a proper introduction... She does have some environmental allergies that tend to make her uncomfortable at times but she doesn't mind baths. She LOVES cuddle time. She can get a little excited at times and can mouth so younger children may not be a good fit for her at this time.

Knajj came to us on New Year's Eve of last year from a family who truly loved her but were forced to change their living situation and Knajj was no longer allowed to live with them... they were heartbroken because she was a family member but they were left with no choice (her name is actually using the first letter from each family member's name.

If you would like to meet Knajj in the hopes of making her a permanent member of your family, she would love nothing more than that, especially in time for the Holidays